This week's focus: Short and long i words
spell words in ind, ile, ight , and ink word families
pitch, drink swim life while, I my light buy eye which find why kind try
WEEK 4 FOCUS: spell long o words, distinguish between one and two-syllable words
rocket, pocket, hold, told, often, grow, throne, so sew, most, almost, both coach, open, also,
Week 5 Focus:short and long u, spell words with an initial /y/ sound
under such much young touch use your you unit cute few new fuel human music
WEEK 6 FOCUS: words that end in a silent e, homophones,compare past and present tense verbs
save give have live move above alive alike to two too know do blew blue

Grade 4:
Week 3 Tests on Friday: FOCUS- short a words, long a spelled a ai ay eigh and ei
fact began clasp rapid able later space stranger grade display main explain freight neighbor weigh vein April ankle
Week 4 FOCUS: short e words, long e spelled ea ee ei ie e and eo
then else edge when tenth empty sketch spelling easy eager sneakers mean fifteen receive piece believe people squeeze
Week 5 FOCUS:short i words, lone i spelled i y igh and uy
since which inch string picnic shrimp title mind wild decide why skyscraper buy right lightning write cypress bicycle